Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Studio Classroom Exhibtion

Studio Classroom Exhibition, Main Foyer, Mary Immaculate College, 14th September-1st October 2015

Studio Classroom Exhibition,work from pupils in Our Lady of Lourdes, St. Mary's N.S and Presentation Primary School. 



The Studio Classroom is a collaborative educational, art and research project which involved three visual artists (Jean Cleary, Kate McElroy and Julie Brazil) and three primary school teachers (Sinead O' Connor, Our Lady of Lourdes, Gearoid O' Donoghue, St. Mary's N.S., Cushla Hehir, Presentation Primary School) and children from first and sixth classes who developed their art practice through online residencies.

The primary focus of the Studio Classroom was to promote innovative ways for artists, primary school teachers and pupils to engage and respond to art practice. Connecting three artists with three primary schools demonstrated the use of virtual technology to connect studio and classroom where exciting collaborative arts practice evolved. The workshops focused on the child and imagination while promoting innovative ways in which children can respond to artists' work by working directly with artists. The workshops were multidisciplinary in nature and designed and developed in collaboration with the class teachers. The project encouraged artists, teachers, and children to explore their own creativity through the challenges set by the project.

The exhibition demonstrates that when teachers, artists and children collaborate 'magic happens'. The artist and teacher brought their unique skills to the project which has left a very positive impact on the schools, teachers said that 'It was a very meaningful experience, a unique experience and it will impact on how lessons are planned in the future'.  

(excerpt from Studio Classroom Exhibition flyer, September 2015).    

Pupil's work, 6th class,  oil pastel on paper, Presentation Primary School, Limerick.

Pupil's work, 6th class, pencil drawing on tracing paper, Presentation Primary School, Limerick.


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